Friday, August 27, 2010

NDTV adds Live TV in app & removes the ugly advertisement!!

The NDTV iPhone app has just gotten a big boost with Live TV capabilities. NDTV 24/7, NDTV India (the Hindi channel), NDTV Profit, NDTV Goodtimes & NDTV Hindu are all now available for mobile viewing at just £0.59 each per month (Rs. 42.95 at today's conversion rates). That comes out to be £2.95 for the entire bundle on a monthly basis. Less than half when compared to Sky's news & sports bundle that comes at a steep £6 per month. But then again, besides them both being apps designed for news, there isn't anything more in common between them. They are after all for two very different markets.

Anyhow... The NDTV app streams well over WiFi though it does take a few seconds for the pixelation to subside and the image to become sharper. 

NDTV Hindu streaming over WiFi
Whats more important is that it ALSO streams over EDGE! It does take longer... much longer to load but it works!

NDTV 24/7 streaming over EDGE

The image of-course is not as sharp as over WiFi (or as we would expect over 3G in the coming days) but it gets its job done if you are really desperate for your news! 

Whats truly welcome though, is the removal of the genuinely ugly advertisement that the app sported in the news section. Besides eating up one whole row in the list, it was very distracting. The developers have left a white band in place where the ad used to be (when reading a news story) and one can only hope that its an oversight and not a plan to get in some other ad there.

Also updated is the Live Stock Markets info on the upper right corner of the app. Clicking on it will take you straight to the stocks section. Same is the case with the live sports and weather info that keeps looping with the stocks information at the before mentioned corner.

NDTV's resident Gadget Guru, Rajiv Makhni, also mentioned to his followers on Twitter today that more versions of the app are coming soon for other platforms. The next one though seems to be for Android.

Rajiv Makhni's Tweet

Vikram Chandra, also a Gadget Guru at NDTV (among many things) also let slip on Twitter that a high resolution version of the app will be coming soon for the iPad.

Vikram Chandra's Tweet

Check it out if you sport an iOS device at

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